CoMbOs & MoRe!!
CoNtAcT Us!!
FAQ!! Answers!

 Wanna Race!??  33 ft DOUBLE lane slip n slide! Awesome and so much fun to race to the pool! Rent for $215 includes tax!
It's a MONSTER!!! 18ft tidal!! Double lane! Rent for $350 to use as a water slide..or $300 for a dry slide!! Is 17"W an27"L Prices do include tax, delivery and pick up!
18ft Turtle time!...so ADORABLE!  Rent for $270! Colorful and Awesome!! Very nice and even has a wave in it for added fun!! 27x13x18H! Rent as a dry slide for $220! Prices do include tax, delivery and pick up!
ADORABLE Youth Slide!! 10 years and under!!! If you don't want to use as a water slide you can put balls in the pool and make a ball pit landing!! Rent as a water slide for $190...if you want to use it as a dry slide rent for $135!! The pool is padded so either way this is a very safe slide!! Sorry!! 6' wide, 23' long and only 10' tall! Prices do include tax, delivery and pick up!
18ft dolphin water slide...has a pool to land in!!! Rent for $270 for the day! Can be rented dry for $220! 27Lx14W Great for kids and adults! Prices include tax, delivery and pick up!
Sports WATER combo! Has a double slide with pool at the bottom! Rent for the day for $240 13W x 28L x 16H Great for all ages!
59ft obstacle course! Adults and kids can have fun racing! Water slide is 16ft tall and has a pool to land in! Rent the whole thing as a water unit for $475! (Rent dry for $375) 12W x 53L x 16H Need a lot of room for this beast!

16ft primary slide! 3 can climb it at once has a pool at the bottom! It's HUGE! Rent dry for $220 or as a water slide for $270! It is the same slide as above just without the obstacle course added!
Reminder: If you are renting inflatables for a church, school or other big event give us a call or email! You will get a package deal and the prices below do include tax so your price will be lower that what you see on this website!
Pirate Party? This pirate ship will fit in perfect! 16ft slide (has same slide platform height as our 18ft slides)

Rent for $220 as a dry slide and if you want it as a water slide it would be $270. Prices include tax, delivery and pick up! It is BIG!!!
ADORABLE pink princess slide! 18ft and so cute! Rents for $270 as a water unit and $220 as a dry unit! Has a landing pool too!