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Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look and hopefully we answered your question! 

Are you insured?
YES WE ARE!  We are insured and inspected in accordance with the Texas Department of Insurance.

Do you require a deposit?
We do not. We try to help out and make renting a inflatable easy as possible. If you rent one and know you need to cancel please be kind enough to simply call or send a email!

Do I need a generator?
If you have a standard electrical outlet within 80 feet of the setup area, a generator is not needed.

Are the bounce houses clean?
Yes, we clean and sanitize each unit for every use! Please be kind and keep them clean! We also need a clean 
yard to set them up in...please have all animal feces cleaned up!!! Otherwise we have to come back once it 
is done since we are on a tight schedule! Thank you :)

Do we deliver and setup?
Yes, we deliver and set up ALL of our parties. We do not allow you to pick up and bring back our inflatables.

Will a moonwalk fit in my backyard?
If you have a semi flat area around 18' x 18' and no low hanging trees, it will fit.  We rarely have a problem with fitting our units.

How long does it take to set up or break down?
In most situations, we can have a unit setup and broken down in 20 minutes. Slides with a pool will require additional time. 

What is your weather policy?
During periods of severe weather conditions (rain, high winds, etc.), we reserve the right to cancel your reservations.  If conditions are not too severe, we will give you the option of keeping the rental or not. IF YOU DECIDE TO KEEP A UNIT FOR THE TERM OF THE RENTAL AGREEMENT THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS. THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS ONCE THE DRIVER LEAVES FOR DELIVERY. 

When is delivery and pick up times?
We are very flexible! For the price you pay you get it for the day...we deliver in the mornings and pick up in the evenings..it depends on party time! If you are having an early or late party we can work it out!  We try to leave the inflatables at least 8 hours! Also if you are having your party at the park we can deliver and pick up whatever times you need us to! 

Are the moonwalks covered on top?
Of course!! It is too hot in Texas for them to not be shaded! They also have plenty of places for air to flow with the net on the sides! Easy to view the kids also!

What type of surface can the moonwalk be placed on?
Moonwalks can be placed on grass, pavement and indoors. Grass is the preferred outdoor set-up for the safety of the users. 

What kind of payments do you take?
We can take cash or check. Credit card payments by request.

Can I just do a moonwalk for a few hours at get a discounted rate?
Either way your price will be the same if you keep it a short time or for the full day.

What goes in the moonwalk?
People only! No drinks, food, confetti, silly string, candy, gum, or any sharp objects! This will result in you being charged $25 for a dirty moonwalk! We try hard to keep our stuff nice if you are going to borrow it take care of it! You can put balloons or balls for fun...just make sure you clean it out before we get there!  

What do I need for a moonwalk or water slide?
Just a place to plug in for electric! If you are going to use a water slide you DO need a water hose hookup! If you have your own water hose great if not it's okay we have them on hand!