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*****Generator Rentals $100*****
This is only needed if you are having your party at a location WITHOUT electric outlets!

FOAM machine rentals are great for all ages! You can rent a water slide and add our foam machine for $150 and have a pool full of foam!  Each option includes solution 2 hours of foam fun! You don't need to run the foam machine constant for 2 hours! Turn it on and off as you please to get more foam time! The foam multiplies very very quickly! Additional solution is available to purchase for $30 a bag! Our foam is 100% organic and safe for you, pets, and your yard! 
Won't hurt a thing! SO MUCH FUN!!
Add some black lights and music and you have quite the party!
Foam sprayer! Can rent just this to pour foam on a tarp for $200 for the day. Works much better with a foam pit to contain the foam. Can also add this to a water slide rental and fill the water slide pool with foam for $150 additional. Adding an additional packet of foam is $30 extra.
13x13 youth foam pit! This one is great for kids! All in one foam pit! Rent this for $250 for the day and if you want an extra bag of foam it would be $30 extra! 
The 15x15  foam pit for the older crowd! Really great for all ages but works great for teens and adults! Rent this option for $275 for the day. An additional bag of foam is $30.